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Hi folks,
I'm an Ebay shopper and have permanent searches on Ebay (I recommend doing that for the items you think you will never find)
I bought a console/cooler for my Element a few months back off of Ebay and paid about $50 plus a hefty shipping fee - but still cheap compared to other options.

Currently there is an Ebay auction for a console/cooler with a current price of only $19.99 with one bid. However, a wise shopper would use Ebay's system to offer an "up to" price well above that. (For those unfamiliar with Ebay - the system will keep incrementing your bid up to you max - in response to other bidders. I use a snipe service (external to Ebay) which only bids in the last 30 seconds of an Ebay auction - and I would assume that others do too.

The only caution that I have about the auction is the lack of a picture, but the seller has a reasonable number of positive feedbacks - consistent with a small seller.

FWIW I have no connection to the seller or Ebay. Just thought folks might want to know about this since the coolers are rarely available.
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