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I bought the same cooler/fridge/armrest that many threads have mentioned/recommended and love it dearly.

BUT I don't like the rear cup holders because they are too loose and too shallow. The least little bump and it's hello spillsville. Also, the front cup holders are not that at all. They are CAN holders - period. Nothing else fits. Which brings me to cans. They roll and bump around inside the thing with every turn and twitch. Also, if you don't start with your contents being cold already, you'd better be taking a VERY long trip because it takes at least 1.5-2 hours to cool off warm sodas. Overall, if I could get my $55 back, I'd get rid of the thing tomorrow and invest in the style on They are much better suited as an armrest, cupholder, and miscellaneous holder, and have a much more refined appearance. As for the cooling feature, I'll leave that to quick-E mart.
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