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I love my vector cooler and would not ever go to anything else. The cupholders are not for everything, but great for can's and coffee cups. I have never owned a vehicle with cupholders that grip like these.

As for the cooling down part, Try this. Get a gel pack moulded can style freezer pack. Just sit it in the cooler before you take off and switch the cooler on. The cans are cold in 10 min and stay that way. I just leave the cooler on all day if I am on a trip even with the vehicle off. I always store at least 16 cans and a couple of bottles of water in the thing....never out of refreshments. If you are just going for a short trip, grab a soda out of the fridge before you leave :)

I guess the fact that the E is so much smaller than my van there is no other place to put a cooler.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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