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Since I got my Element on Mar 12, I've had the A/C running about 70% of the time due to the warm weather here in So Cal. I've also found my vehicle to be uncomfortably warm in the parking lot when I go to it. I always leave the moonroof/skylight open for ventilation. But in the 90 degree heat the last couple of days, I've also left the rear door windows open. Makes a BIG difference.

I thought the extra warmth inside was due to the Orange being a darker color, paired with the dark interior. For you in cooler climates, come this summer leave the rear windows open for added circulation. This may be obvious to you, but I figured the open skylight would be sufficient. It just wasn't enough circulation.

I don't know what my gas mileage is/will be without A/C. With it usually on, I've been getting 19-20 mpg with mixed driving, mostly city & rush hour stop & go. Just can't make it through an entire tank without the A/C! A/C never impacted my truck's mileage, but I suspect it will with the 4 cylinder.?

By the way, the A/C on the Element works great. I have to turn up the temp a notch or two so I don't freeze, even with the lowest fan setting.
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