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initial problem: AC condenser fan did not run when AC turned on.
Test: I was able to detach the connector from the cooling fan, and connect it to the AC fan, with same results.
Conclusion: ac fan motor needs replacement.

2nd Problem: Now the cooling fan wont run when I let the car idle. Temp reach just below the 1/2 point.
Only when I turn on the AC will the cooling fan come on.
I checked the fuses, and swapped around some of the relays and the results were the same. Fuses are good, and relays swaps didnt produce a different result.
1) Unless Im confused, I believe the cooling fan should come on automatically after the car reaches a certain temp.. correct?
2) If I am correct on question 1, then, what could be the possible cause for the cooling fan working only when I turn on the AC. (NOTE: it has to be the AC on. If I just turn on the blower, but dont have the button for AC pushed with green light turned on, cooling fan wont turn on).
3) I read a post about a cooling fan switch that may need to be replace. Where exactly is that switch located? anyone have a pic that can help me out?

By the way, because the cooling and the new AC fan both spin when I turn on the AC, I dont think its a motor issue. The fuses are not blow (cooling fan, or condenser) and relays seem to be a non-issue.
Stuck in Phoenix until I get this fixed.. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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