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Hello All:

Well, my E got into its first fender-bender this afternoon. My wife backed into another car, and broke the tailight. It appears that only the outer layer of plastic is damaged; there is a 6-inch-wide hole that I taped over with clear tape until I get it repaired. Inside, there is a second plastic housing for the brake light itself, and there is also another separate housing for the turn signal above that. None of these are damaged at all, and the lights all work fine.

Before I go to the dealer to find out what the "gouging" will be, can anyone tell me exactly what I will need to have replaced? More specifically, do they sell the outside plastic housing on its own? Or do I have to buy a whole new tailight assembly, lights and all? I would think they could sell you just the outside plastic, but sometimes they don't break it out like that. When the mirror on my Pontiac cracked, I had to buy a whole new mirror assembly, with a new remote wire and everything. I know most people will not have first-hand experience with this (fortunately for you guys :) ), but it couldn't hurt to ask here.

Also, there are some very minor scrapes on the bumper. You could *almost* wash them out with soapy water. I heard that Mineral Spirits are good for removing these. Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot, everyone.
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