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Yes, it just happened to me. On a very DARK night, packing a table saw that reached nearly to the ceiling, I backed in to a BLACK landscaping trailer behind a TREE. My gender is not at issue here.
Gouged the Rubbermaid a little, but that's OK. Broke 2 of 3 layers of the tail light plastic.
I found nothing in a regular GOogle search. I weeded through the posts to this list and found the one with the bumper problem "PLEASE HELP ME".
Majestic Honda in Rhode Island has a great site with exploded diagrams for help in assembly. Looks like the part in question costs ~160 but goes on with 2 bolts and a Phillips screwdriver. Don't forget to turn & release the bulb sockets from the broken piece before removing it.

. I haven't tried yet but will tomorrow:

NOW, I need those cage things for around the lights so this doesn't happen again...Doubt anybody makes them as there is no place to put them on.
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