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I've just heard some new 6.5" speakers and I thought you guys should know about them.

Crystal Mobilesound makes a stunning set of 6.5" component speakers that rival the sound quality of my Focals for about half the cost. :shock:

You can get these for about $150 street...

They make 2 6.5" models - the only difference is one comes with a silk tweeter (CSC-60S) and one comes with a titanium tweeter (CSC-60T).

I've heard both and prefer the silk. But if you like a bass heavy system you might prefer the brighter sounding Titanium model.


1. They need a decent amount of power to sound good (about 75 watts RMS) so don't expect to run these puppies off the head unit power.

2. These are slightly oversized 6.5's and I haven't checked for fit in the E but I suspect they'd work with a little panel modification work.
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