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Interest in group buy custom sway bars

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I found a company that specializes in sway bars and supplies a lot of race teams and similar, between NRE (non-recurring engineering - design mostly and initial setup the estimated cost is $1k for the first specimen, whereas, with an initial quantity bulk order, it sounds like pricing will be good.

Can I get some idea of interest and support from you guys so that I can go back to the vendor and start negotiating? (I am new to EOC, so let me know if I am offbase)

1. I do not want a cut, nor do I want to be in the fulfillment process. - My thoughts are that I get the ball rolling, the vendor sets a deadline for orders, then fabricates and ships directly to the customers (youse guys!).

2. Please let me know if I am off-base as I am new to EOC and welcome any input.

3. I will need to get samples of OEM sway bars for their design. - Does anyone have spare ones (SC, EX, front, rear)? I will pay for shipping (slow boat!).

4. Any special requests and improvements? I would guess we will be on our own for new bushings -buyer beware?, but otherwise material, diameters, and whether solid or hollow are all possible once the geometry is pinned down. So that stiffer versions should be doable.
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