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I had an issue (yet again) with my 05 E this August whereby the (clutch?) release bearing had lost its lubrication. There was a metal-on-metal squeal. This seemed to follow having my damn engine replaced (long story). Took the E to dealership #2 because I was out of town and needed the emergency repair; else I would have taken it back to Dealership #1 who did the engine replacement.

They dropped the tranny and replaced the bearing, lubed it, then replaced the passenger axle assembly because the boots were torn (Gee, I wonder how; dealership #1) :evil:

Now, two months later, I'm having to change the passenger axle yet again because there is a vibration (shudder) at about 50-60 mph. My local, trusted mechanic told me dealership #2 put in an after market CV axle assembly (part no. NCV36510). Said this could* be the reason for the vibration.

I looked the part up and its $70 retail at a parts store. Dealership #2 charged me $185; for the same damn part I could have walked in with for $70.

I called yet another dealership (#3) to asked the price of a Honda brand axle assembly. $195-209. Sooooooo... that leads me to believe that I was WAY overcharged and charged for an inferior part at Honda prices. :x

I'm gonna go back and get satisfaction from dealership #2. My mechanic is documenting the issues. :047:

Film at 11.
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