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Does anyone have experience using “split” type CV boots, i.e., Dorman Speedy Boots? They’re designed to slip over CV shaft, then screwed closed for a seal without having to remove the CV joint. I suspect this is a substandard way to go, but I thought I’d ask.
I used this to replace one of my rear-inboard boots. Has been good for over a year:
These have a sort of tongue-and-groove joint where the surfaces meet, and comes with a special adhesive. It also comes with a packet of lubricant. You trim it at the closest "step" below the dimension you need at either end. I ordered it on Amazon.
The front axle has different considerations, but this is still worth looking at IMO. I'm all for doing things the "right" way, but IIRC boots for the rear axles were unavailable, and there was nothing else wrong with them.
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