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I'm wondering about the difference in 'feel' between the Basic 10-piece kit
and the Full 25-piece kit from Wooddash. Which did you get, and what
was the installation like? I'm thinking with the GalaGreenBullPup to go
with the Blue Carbon Fiber...I had my dealer install the Ice Blue Interior
Trim Package even though the exterior's green and the steering wheel has
the Green Honda leather cover.
At first the salesman said we can't order or install the blue metal interior trim because IT DOESN'T MATCH!...Then I said WHO GETS TO MAKE THAT DECISION? Who says blue and green don't match? 20th Century art says
to loosen up a little, and now I'm thinking maybe a bunch of blue carbon fiber around the interior will keep the ice blue gauge/meter/door-switch trim
company. Meanwhile, thanx. beepbeep
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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