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E has been sluggish to start several times over the last month. My battery guy kept saying it's because of the stereo amp I have with his battery. Of course, I've had that system in there for years with a single battery (not his) that worked well. He recommended charging the battery and then I'd be good.


Charged, drove, sluggish. <repeat>

Some mornings when it's been colder, it would not start at all. Since my 16-yr-old girl drives the E now, I had JuliE take it to Sears one day to just have the electrical all checked out. They said everything is good - battery, starter, alternator.

Fast forward to this weekend and my daughter calls to tell me it won't start for her at all and it's over in the high school parking lot. I go try to jump it and I get nothing. I check the voltage and it's 12.27 to 12.3. Not terrible, but not great considering I keep charging this battery. I go back to Sears to confirm they checked everything and get a new battery.

New battery installed and no improvement. Lights come on, but car barely makes a peep when turning the key. Think it's the starter or alternator? Unfortunately, I'll probably have to tow the darn thing to the shop to get this fixed soon. I'm short on time and patience.

Thanks all.
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