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Just my 2 cents. I've had an Acura bra on a new Acura years ago- only to find it served as a collector for moisture and grit. After seeing damage to the new red paint job- I threw the hood and fold down headlamp covers in the trash.

I put an aftermarket deflector on a new Mitsubishi Montero years ago- and promptly threw it in the trash after noting paint wearing on the hood. Perhaps a factory version would be acceptable.

I have just received clear plastic covers from Griot's. They will be applied to the headlamps, hood edge, and door sills this weekend. I was impressed with the material shown at a trade show- and fully expect it to prevent most paint chips and cracked head lamps.

The windshield just has to take its lumps. Had a rock induced crack in the first month of ownership- but my Allstate coverage replaces up to three windsheild per year at no charge. What with the road construction going on in CT- and the salt plus sand plus gravel the trucks lay down each winter- I wouldn't consider doing it otherwise.
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