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Delaware E Sitings!!

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OK So far I have seen a blue twin of my own (with MD plates) a Black one at Fox Run Shopping Center, a Grey one also at the same center.. a green one and might be multiples of the same colors running about but these i have seen here, if you are on the board I would love to say HEY to ya!!

Don't think I have seen the Shoreline Mist, nor any Oranges in DE.. but I am wowed by seeing at least one Black, Blue, Grey and Green in such a small area as DE is!!

Look forward to finding ya all!
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Hello Gypsytda,

The wife and I say both a Shoreline Mist and an Orange E on 202 Sunday night. People are not as friendly as I thought. Last night going to pool in Ridley, we saw a Shoreline and the person driving didn't even respond to my wave. I was upset. I know she saw me, because she was staring at my freshly cleaned vehicle. Oh well.............

Eternal :D
You are not from DE either are you?? I noticed people in DE are kinda touchy.. and driving if you look at them they look away.. they are scared people. Now perhaps the gal was staring at your vehicle, just kinda dumbfounded.. we will give her the benefit of the doubt for now.. see her again and see if she responds.

I have seen several, and only one waved so far.. another blue.. of course (something special about us eternal blue people eh??) anyhow.. at least we "know" each other.. smiles,...

did you put your sticker on yet??
Before I begin, I just want to let you know I was rear ended last night. :evil: I am a little hurt, but the E performed great. You could barely tell it was hit. Now, to answer your question....My wife and I were born and raised in DE. :) We have always been in the North Wilmington area. I am taking it to the body shop tomorrow. :( I do not know how long it will be in. I hope Honda has the parts available to fix it.

Talk to you later,
Get well quick - hope you weren't hurt too bad. Good luck with getting your Element fixed.
Thank you Slowhand. I am taking it in at 1:00 today. I hope I get a good rental, but it will not be an E. :roll:

I wish you and your E well.. sorry to hear you had someone hit you.... ouchie!

Sorry I meant no offense, (about DE people being touchy, but I have seen it more often then not.. guess you were lucky to rise above that!)

Again good luck & I wish you well!
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