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Delayed shift/Slippage from 1st to 2nd

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Over the last two weeks i've been experiencing a delayed shift from 1st to second gear. I really dont know how else to describe it. It is also intermittent and only seems to happen when im with a passenger.

So being that i only have 3k more miles left of the warranty i took it in to Honda on Thursday. Good luck has it that they actually replicated the problem and i will be receiving a new transmission on this coming tuesday! The only kinda bullcrappy thing is it is honda's issue and under warranty, but they will not provide me witha loner car or rental, so i have to take a day off work and spend the day at honda waiting for my E to be fixed! Has anyone else had this issue with their trans and not being able to get a loner? Also will this new trans need to be "broken in" at all, and is it covered by an extended warranty or anything?
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Wow, how heavy is your passenger?:lol:

'Jus fool'in---break-in is the same as new and warranty is up as stated unless it can be determined to have been pre-existing. Warning---cost free advice is worth what is paid
she is quite small, haha only about 110 lbs. It actually did it to me today without a passenger so it must have just been coincidence.
mine did not shudder at all but otherwise it sounds similar.
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