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I thought I'd go ahead and see if there was anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area that would be interested in swapping their stock '08 SC suspension and wheels for the current Tein drop suspension that I have as well as the 20 inch chrome wheels currently on my Element. I just had brand new Nitto low profile tires added as well. With this setup, the handling is extremely responsive and looks great, but makes for a little bit rougher ride than I'd prefer. Additionally, as anyone who has ever had to replace low profile tires would/should know, they tend to be a bit pricier than a standard set of wheels. With installation and warranty, these wheels run close to about $200 each.

Hit me up if you're interested/able to swap out for stock SC parts. I'd be willing to meet at a auto shop like Jo Tech, and split the bill to have these parts swapped out. I would of course need a technician to confirm that the stock parts are in good shape with minimal wear.

I can't seem to remember the wheel brand at the moment, but I'll add that and some other info later on when I get a little more free time.

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