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I'm considering buying an Element and I see that there's about $2000 difference between the EX & LX. The salesmen at the dealerships I've gone to have no clue.... " hey Bob, find me the Element brochure will ya? ".
Oh yeah, I forgot...I want an AWD.
Here's what I found out. If you guys know of anything else or see something false here, please let me know. Thanks, MsKoz

1. LX has no iPod port
2 .LX has steel, not alloy rims
3. Rear seats in LX are not treated with the stuff the front seats are.
EX has all 4 seats treated.
4. LX has 4 speaker radio....EX has 7 speaker plus subwoofer
5. LX has Black composite fenders, EX's are painted car color
Thanks man for starting this discussion I was struggling to find the difference...of I'm able to differentiate well..!
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