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Dinghy Towing

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I will be taking delivery of my Element in about 10 days.

It will sometimes be "dinghy towed" behind a motor home -- all four wheels on the ground.

The Element has been designed for this, and the issue is addressed in the Owner's Manual.

Has anyone had experience with rigging their Element to be towed by and RV?
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Poor car.......I would sure hate to be pulled around by my Dinghy...........
Oh wait a minute, I am married :D
Speaking of Dingies.....Do you know why the little rowboat was so sad? His mother was a Oar, his father was a fairy, and he didn't have any dingie!!!

I should have known better than to bring up the "dinghy towing" subject with this group! :>)
Well I know nothing about towing the Element but shortly after purchasing mine i spent the night in the waiting room at the hospital while a family member had a late night surgery. The most exciting reading material was something along the lines of RV Living or something like that and they reviewed dinghy towing with the Element and it scored as high as any of the other vehicles they tested. I will search the web to see if I can find anything.
the owner's manual has instructions on how to tow your element behind a motor home.
hi there! i have my new "e' and am having the hitch installed on Monday. I am planning on pulling a 1953 travel trailer and will be testing it on Tuesday! Will let you know how it works. Your dingy is lighter than my trailer so it should be a good test for ya!
I think you misunderstood. Dinghy towing refers to towing the Element behind an RV with all for wheels flat on thee ground.
LOL! Yup! I did, thanks for the correction!

- Z
I'll be able to provide more information later next month.

We are having a "Blue Ox" baseplate attached to the Element frame. When the car is being towed it is hooked to a tow bar which in turn is attached to the RV.

My last Honda product, a 1990 AWD Civic Wagon, went cross-country that way. Unfortunately, I was not along for the trip.
Hi again,

The tow bar installation was completed yesterday. All systems are working well.

To see some photos, click on the www icon. When you get to my web page (actually Fletcher's Page) click on "photos" and you'll see a few pics of the tow bar installation.
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