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  • Drill
  • 3/32” drill bit
  • ⅜” drill bit
  • Vice

  • Empty 32 oz /1 liter plastic bottle
  • 3’ of ¼” plastic tubing
  • 4” zip tie
  • Extra cap for bottle (optional)

  • Pick a bottle with a flat base or a base wider than the top, so it will be less likely to tip over. You don’t want it too wide, though, because you’ll need to put the end of the plastic hose below the level of fluid you remove from the master cylinder.
  • The small hole will allow the bottle to vent excess air and is small enough to prevent a spill if the bottle tips over.
  • You can get the ¼” plastic tubing at a hardware store. This is the standard size for bleeder valves. Check yours to make sure it fits.


  1. Prepare the bottle. Rinse it and let the inside dry. Remove the cap.

  2. Drill two small holes. Secure the cap in the vice or by another means (NOT with your hands). Put the 3/32” bit in the drill and drill the first hole in the center of your cap. Drill a second hole with the same bit a little more than halfway from the first hole to the edge of the cap.

  3. Drill one big hole. Remove the small bit and put in the ⅜” bit. Align the bit with the small hole in the center of the cap and drill. At this point, your plastic tube will not fit in the hole (¼” is the inside dimension). Check for fit. You’ll have to widen the hole slightly by re-inserting the bit in the hole and wiggling it around slowly with the drill on. You want the hose to be snug in the hole, but not pinched.

  4. Clean up the cap. You’ll have some plastic shavings attached to the inside of the cap from the drilling. Clean these out with your fingers or a flat-head screwdriver.

  5. Assemble the pieces. Pass the hose through the large hole in the cap if it’s not there already. Screw the cap on the bottle and feed the hose into it until it touches the bottom. Attach a zip tie about 1” from the other end of the tube, just until snug.

  6. Use your new bottle to do a 1-person DIY brake bleed. A 32 oz / 1 liter bottle should be enough for all 4 brakes. When you’re done, use the 2nd cap to seal the old fluid in the bottle. This way, you don’t need to drill a new cap next time.
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