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DIY Cold Air Intake

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I saw a very old thread where someone did this, but any recent success stories?

Pics and descriptions would be rad. :-D
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what year E do you have? This is important (fill out your profile).

Earlier E's are easier to make a custom intake for as you don't have an MAF sensor to rig. I basically just replaced the huge resonator box (left the rubber tube that connects to the TB) with a short tube (puts the filter towards the back of the engine bay to pull the air from under the car) and a filter (AEM dryflow is the best) on the end with a little heat shield (to mke sure it doesn't pull hot air from the exhaust manifold area, you can find these on ebay for cheap and it just attaches to the filter with a hose clamp). Total cost was around $75 ($45 of that was the filter). Throttle response is vastly improved. Sounds good, power gains are, well minimal, but they are on most intakes. I think it gives it a little more Pep, but its not a ton.
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