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DIY - Component Speaker Install Question

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So I just purchased some Polk Audio DB6501 component speakers and I wanted to see what tools I was going to need to finish this job.

I know I'll need a rubber mallet and new clips for the A-pillars. But will I need anything like a soldering tool to get the tweeters to stay?

I plan on just figuring out where to put the crossovers (not sure I'll be using a sock as I've seen suggested here) but suggestions are welcome. :)

I have a door panel remover. But if there are any other tools I'll need please let me know.

I plan on taking pics to document

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there ins no need to remove the door panel unless you are mounting the tweeters in the door along with the crossover. you can catch the factory wires going to the doors in each kickpanel and clip them there. one side then goes to the speakers, the other is the input to the crossover from the amp. use the side that goes to the speakers to go to the woofer in the door from your new crossover and just drop some speaker wire down from each side for the tweeters. done. the wires in the connector in the keckpanels will be the same color as the wires at each door speaker.
You don't need new clips for the A pillars. The people who say you need them...did not know how to take them off.

Do you honestly think Best Buy, Frys, or any other Stereo Shop has "A" Pillar clips just chillin in their inventory? Answer...NO!
You don't need new clips for the A pillars. The people who say you need them...did not know how to take them off.

Do you honestly think Best Buy, Frys, or any other Stereo Shop has "A" Pillar clips just chillin in their inventory? Answer...NO!
There's a good chance I don't know how to correctly wiggle the a-pillars off but I expect an auto parts store like KOI to have the clips. They had them for the front bumper at half the cost of honda. Honda would also have them, but I hear at 6 bucks a clip...yikes

What the best way to remove the a-pillars without breaking the clip? Doesn't the manual call for the mallet that in turn breaks the clip?
since the newer ones are equipped with curtian airbags the removal is different. see the attached file from honda service. not the same as the older ones w/out curtian airbags. have to get those clips from honda

by the way, what a total pain in the a$$ to put this up, i couldnt put up a simple word doc cause it was too big even after editing it down like 6 times. the file size limit needs to be alot bigger for a doc.


Also, don't forget that one door has the tweeter wires running into it and the other one does not. This may cause some confusion if this is something you haven't done before.
yeah for whatever reason they decided to do that in the driver door speaker. here is the factory diagram that shows you what is what. jsut use the ones that a green and green/black on both sides of the connectro in the kickpanel. the ones that change to gray/blue and light blue are the ones that go to the tweeter.


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Thanks guys!

Will I need anything to get the new tweeters to stay in the original spot, or will they just sit into place?
a metal "back strap" like used to come with radios years ago would work great as would some small strips of abs plastic. the factory ones are held in by 2 screws. you might be able to take the factory ones off that bracket i just cant remember off hand. any way you look at it it is pretty easy to mount them.
just thru this up for another thread in case you needed it still. also the one time use clips are just that. on mine i used some push in style plastic pins from auto zone, unscrewed the single screw that holds the one time use clip ( not to get it out cause it just slips out but to mount the new push in clip in its place and hold steady) put in the push pin, tightend the screw back to hold it in place and now i can remove the a pillar when ever i want and not have to keep replacing the pin. it has no more holding power than the factory one did so it will be fine if the air bag needs to deploy but it can just be pulled out and not replaced everytime. make sure you get the ones that are a little fatter cause the smaller ones are just a little too small to hold it in at the top of the a pillar.


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Awesome. I still haven't installed the speakers, which wont happen till sometime after the month of August. Oh well..I'm a patient man.

I did pick up the clips already from Honda, as I was expecting to install these a couple of weeks ago. For all four clips it was less than $8. Which does suck, but I was expecting worse. But if I won't be getting those the next time :cool:
you should have only needed the top 2 not four unless the black and the red parts of the clips are sold as sep pieces.
He probably bought the other two bottom clips as well. I was able to re-use those when I built the pods for my large format tweets. Just the two at the top need to be replaced.
Oh well, live and learn.

I'm not going to let a few bucks get me down.
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