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Do you know what this mount for?

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I have been looking around for MP3 mount for Honda Element. I like the Panavise mount but it seems too expensive for me. I came across this mount on Ebay It shapes different than the Panavise that why I am wondering if any of you know what it is...

Note: I asked the seller and he's not sure and told me to check with the manufacturer. I went to Metra site and look up the model number and got nothing.

If that thing is what I think it is, that would be a great deal because the cheapest Panavise type mount I found is $30.

Thanks guys
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just drop the bl off the end. it is made for them by bracketron. that is the one you need

the pic on ebay isnt acurate BTW
I have both the Panavise and Bracketron mounts in my Element. The difference is the side of the radio you want to mount the bracket on. I have one on the left and one on the right. On the left I have my Sirius radio and the right I have the holder for my iPod/BackBerry. Panavise on the left and Bracketron on the right.

Thanks spdrcr5 & Yoda E SC, that's why I got confused because they put the wrong picture...

I might get it then thanks again.
I bought the Panavise Element mount off of ebay for $21.99.
I bought the Panavise garmin mount off of ebay for $10.99.
Got them both from the same seller so shipping was only $3.75.
Total came to $36.73 which I thought was really good. Most
places sell the Element mount for that price alone.

Make sure you shop around before you buy!!

Here is the seller I bought mine off of:

I dont see the Element one on his website. Here is the part number for
the Panavise Honda Element Mount: 751171003.

Here is one I just found on ebay, and better price than what I paid:

Not sure what MP3 player you are using, but I'm sure they make a mount
for it as well. Good luck.

Here is a picture of mine with the Garmin mount on it.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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