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I am kicking around the idea of doing a couple one off interior buildouts (platform bed, pullout drawers, sink, etc..) A big part of my day job is CADCAM and I have access to a CNC router in my off time. If I do a buildout I will plan everything in CAD cut most of the components on the CNC. My OCD will encourage me to measure out and create a full 3D model of the Element's interior (I wouldn't want to waste any space or have something come out to big to fit).

Before I get going though - does anyone have a 3D model? I'd be shocked in this hasnt been done before. Although Im sure its usually private mod companies who wouldnt share the drawings.

So if anyone knows of an existing model, let me know.

If/when I make a 3D CAD model I will share it for free with the community. I will likely model it in Fusion360 but will be able to export to most common formats (sat, step, 3dwg, etc...)

Assuming I don't acquire a 3D model I will start with the dims shared by ramblerdan in this thread and work them into a model like this one or this one
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