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There are 4 mounts, I can't tell you if they are considered engine or transmission.

1)Looking at the engine bay, there's a mount from the engine to the strut tower area, this mount should be filled with some sort of oil. If it's cracked, you likely need a new one.

2)Looking at the engine bay, on the transmission side is a mount that goes from the transmission to the fender area, I can't remember off hand where it is in relation to the strut tower.

3) Looking down on the engine at the front of the car, you should see a mount on the transmission side of the engine.

4) Looking up from under the car, you should be able to find another mount at the rear of the engine, near the transmission. I think the rubber part of this mount sits over the sub frame.

I have found that usually a bad mount results in extra vibration. I'd look at suspension members for creaks and groans.
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