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Dog Friendly package accessories received: Review

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I just received the accessories from Honda that come with the dog friendly package. You have to send in a postcard and specify your dog's size. The whole process took only a week from when the card was sent, till items arrived. I also received emails along the way to let me know the progress. -very nice.

The items are all better quality than i thought. Included in the accessories are:
Tote bag, leash, collar, tag emblem, and poop bag dispenser with bags.

The tote is pretty big, nylon with a zippered top, big enough to store 3/4 paper towel rolls inside. Pockets on the front with the "Dog Friendly" logo on front that is the same that is on the car.

The leash is 6ft. long, black nylon with greybrown nylon trim. The trim has the same design as the dog bed and seat covers. The clasp on the end is a nice heavy gauge metal. Overall, is very nice quality. I'm impressed.

The collar is the same as the leash. Same craftmanship and materials with a quick release plastic clasp.

The dog tag emblem, matches the dog paw emblem on the car and is made of a nice heavy gauge metal too. The back side is blank, so you can get it engraved. Again, very nice quality.

The poop bag dispenser is cute. Shaped like a dog bone and the clasp is also shaped like a bone. Has the "Dog Friendly" logo on it and a full roll of bags already installed. One side of the container pops off to allow you to refill it with a new roll.

Overall, i am very impressed with the quality of the accessories. It's nice that they are using the same logos and design scheme throughout the entire dog friendly line.

BUT- i dont think i'll be keeping most of these accessories, because, like most dog owners, i already have all these items! This would be very nice for a real hardcore enthusiast or collector though. I almost dont want to part with the stuff, but i know i'm not going to use it. I'd rather it go to someone who will really put it to use and enjoy it.
Look for my post in the Sales threads.

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That's actually kinda cool. Thanks for the pics.
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