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I was getting a little apprehensive while waiting for the shipment of my cloud-rider screen, after seeing the negative or not so postive opinions
expressed on this board!
When I received my cloud-rider, and very expediciously I must say,
all my concerns evaporated!
This quality engineering and finish are all first class, and exceeded all my expectations!
The high gloss finish is flawless, the punch outs are perfectly smooth!
The gauge thickness of my screens were as thick as possible while still
allowing the bending needed to conform to the "e"s lower grill.
The hardware is all top quality and easy to use, and very purposefully
designed right down to the "plastic" knobs!
Even the cloud-rider insignia is beautifully integrated into the design,
and only adds to the finished look of the product, in my opinion.
The installation couldn't be easier or faster.
The instructions are straight forward and concise.
Just read them over and then
FOLLOW THEM and the diagrams! KISS!
No dis-assembly or tools required! Honest!
It took me all of 10 minutes, fifteen at the most, and I'm no mechanic,
but I am pretty fussy!
Anyone can feel free to contact me directly reguarding ease of installation.
Anyhow, I can't speak for anyone else, but mine has been a totally positive experience!
And now I am reaping the benefits! Other "E"s stop in their tracks when
they see me and my "E" with the big grin coming down the street!

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[quote:a27dac2927="divco-honda"]When I received my cloud-rider ... all my concerns evaporated! This quality engineering and finish are all first class, and exceeded all my expectations![/quote:a27dac2927]

I'm curious about the Cloud-Riders: everyone I've seen on the various sites has chosen verticals while I think the horizontal (although more expensive) looks really cool. Any thoughts on vertical vs. horizontal - practical as well as appearance?

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The only down side I've found so far is that the top grill has a tendency to pop out. Those toggles that extend through the diamond-shaped holes can be vibrated around to the point where they come loose. I fixed it by opening the hood, taking the top shroud off so I could get at the grill from the inside, and using black cable-ties to secure the Cloud Rider grill to the stock grill. Took about 10 minutes, will stay as long as I want it to stay, and can be reversed in seconds.
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