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[quote:9b17e90d26="LittleDogBox"]I just don't understand why people are so inconsiderate. You see more and more of them on the road with their cell phones and aggressive driving so it doesn't surprise me I guess that they go out and ding other peoples cars without a care. I remember one day when my friend had just bought a brand new red Honda Del Sol. She was sitting in the car waiting for me while I was in the store. She sat there as a deterrent thinking if someone saw her in the car they would be careful and not strike her door. WRONG!!!
Upon my return she was in a rage about the "BOAT" parked next to her in which a man got out, dinged her door, took one look at her and without so much as an apology walked away. She wanted to key his car for his careless and thoughtless behavior. Anyway she still got a ding and was helpless to do a thing about it.[/quote:9b17e90d26]

If that happens, get the plates, and call both the cops and your insurance company. You might well be able to get a charge of vandalism to stick, and your insurance company could put some pressure on him. It would also help if you had pictures - one of those cheap disposable cameras would be useful.
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