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My 2009 Element had a few problems that all seemed to be related:
  • Periodically, the dome light would come on when turning right
  • The driver's door made a noise when the body flexed; specifically, the weather stripping was rubbing against the frame of the car
  • The driver's door didn't shut with a convincing "thud"
I did a lot of reading in this forum, and found a lot of threads that discussed these issues to some degree. Examples of the dome light discussion are here, here, and here. Examples of the door noise problem are here,
here, here, here, and here.

I just had my dealer successfully fix all this, so I wanted to put it in one thread for people that run into the problem in the future. (My dealer is Honda of Kirkland ... of the dealers in the Seattle area, they seem to be the best at handling non-standard maintenance.)

The problems were all related to the fact that the driver's doors were not adjusted properly ... essentially, the didn't quite close properly, which meant that unless I really slammed the door, the dome light would periodically come on, and the weather stripping wasn't being compressed tightly enough, so it would squeak when the body flexed due to bumps in the road.

The fix was pretty straightforward - they:

1) "Adjusted the door." From what I can, that's the striker plates on both the front and rear door. The door now is much more "solid" when it closes. The amount of adjustment needed was not great, but the difference is significant.
2) "lubed all seals with shinetsu grease". They said they use that grease because it doesn't attract dirt and lasts a long time.

All three problems are now gone. The door also closes very smoothly - I don't need to slam any of the doors to get them closed tightly. I can tell that the weather stripping is being compressed more tightly than it was previously; I suspect the noise would be gone even without the grease.

Note, the tech said it was a fairly common problem on Elements and Odysseys (both have a big opening which means when the body flexes the seals make noise if everything isn't adjusted perfectly.

If your dealer has problems solving the problem, tell them to call Honda of Kirkland if they need hints.
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