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[quote:6a81f6d4e9="E-Rich"]I have my seat adjusted so the armrest on the seat and the armrest in the door are about equal. Works fine. I thot about the wider add-on, but wouldn't it be in the way of using the console? I have to have easy access to my morning coffee![/quote:6a81f6d4e9]

I love my larger rest, it works great, and really is no problem getting to the center console at all.. the armrest is easy to move if you need to and easy to grab things under it too.. so works great.

theories on the differnet standard rest issue.. this likely is due to seat positioning from vehicle to vehicle you drove, the seat height adjustment, then recline position, and so on.. move things around.. they are placed in the same place in all the vehicles so odds are it is just a matter of the personal tweaking!

the manual and the rest, yeah for most people it might interfere at tad.. it is a personal preference see how you use the stick and see how your arm rests or hangs.. and then make a choice that way.
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