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Driver's Side Window Won't Raise

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I had to lower my window today to use my magnetic card to get in a parking lot gate. As the window lowered, I heard a noise like something broke, and the window dropped. When I hit the switch to raise it, the motor is running, but nothing else is happening. I'm guessing some kind of linkage broke.

Has anyone had this experience, and can someone point me towards a parts diagram, or photos?

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Either a gear is broken on the regulator motor or the regulator cable snapped. Either way the unit as a whole will need to be replaced.
Ok. Got the new regulator assembly on order. Hubby got the panel off, the window up, and duct taped the heck out of it so it will stay up until the new part arrives.

I've been looking through the forums, and did a search. Is there a DIY Regulator Replacement thread someone can point me to?
One of the regulator threads has a link to another thread with a door disassembly DIY (possibly related to locks). Time to fire up the Search, eh?
Like you said, it has to do with locks.

The Great, and in this case USELESS search function shows nothing about replacing the regulator. So enough with the search comments. It's not helping. You may note I did do a search. Please read before offering advice.
when i did a search for "window regulator", it found 51 postings. i didn't read them all, but it appeared that some of them described, if not showed, the teardown of the inner door panel and the replacement of the regulator. i don't consider that "useless".
Bunny, you are going to have to get more specific when doing a search. I don't have an Element but I have a Mitsubishi Galant and I have to get my regulator replaced also. However, since my husband doesn't have the time to do it and it's been broken for a year now, we are getting someone else to do it. (And of course it's the driver's side front window - talk about a pain in the you know what.)

I've done some research and it doesn't look like it's going to be an easy job anyway. There are special tools you need so you don't ruin the panel and trim, plus you need to worry about the glass edges, so be careful.

Try searching under "replace window regulator". You may even want to put your make and model and which window it is in the search terms too to narrow it down. Hope this helps. :)
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There might not be a DIY here specifically on replacing the regulator. How about a service manual?

Since you haven't filled out your profile (in two years) I have to guess about the year, model, and trim level, but here's a parts diagram of the regulator. Click on the image for full diagram and parts info. Yes, I know you already ordered the part.

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when i did a search for "window regulator", it found 51 postings. i didn't read them all, but it appeared that some of them described, if not showed, the teardown of the inner door panel and the replacement of the regulator. i don't consider that "useless".
Only one I found, showed the disassembly of the door panel, and replacing the LOCK. Nothing that shows the removal, and reinstallation of the regulator. So yes, that one fell in the less than helpful category.
well you could do one of 2 things.....
1. get the service manual by either downloading it or buying it at your dealer....
2. Pay someone to install the part.
I'm not trying to be mean and I know answering the same questions does get tedious, but in the time it takes to complain to someone about searching or their lack thereof, we could offer help or point them in the right direction or even do something as simple as post a link.

Once the door panel is off, the window regulator is basically a reverse-is-opposite-of-removal procedure. Just look carefully at what holds things on and if you have to, write down or take digi pics of the removal process. A lot of things at work here regarding doors I do without the manual unless I'm not sure where a fastening bolt or nut is for the door panel (don't want to yank too hard thinking the clips are just tough and there's still a screw or bolt in...ask me why :rolleyes::lol:).

The only "special" tools needed (Honda calls them that in the manual) that I know off are basically plastic trim panel tools but they can be easily replaced with a small prybar wrapped in tape to protect the paint. The door panel comes off quite easily once all fasteners are removed and it basically clips in.

The tough part about the regulator is fishing it out from the door. You have to tilt it at certain angles to get it out but if you take your time and work slowly and carefully, it is definitely do-able in the driveway or garage.
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The OP found the door panel DIY but judged it "useless" because it didn't show how to replace the window regulator.
Finding a post that tells you how to take the door apart isn't good enough? :confused: That is the hard part. Maybe instead of complaining about people pointing you in the right direction, you can use the advise and actually do some of the work on your own. You are expecting everyone to do it for you, why?

Since all the threads are 'useless', we should expect a DIY thread from you right? :rolleyes:
I honedtly think everyone just needs to relax a little. I'm sure his frustration stems not from that people aren't helping him, but from the fact that the word SEARCH is being driven into him all the while trying to get his problem fixed with minimal expense.

My career is based on helping those who can't help themselves and I will show a thousand people how to reset their maintenance light or that their window lock is on before I simply tell them to "search" their owner's manual.

Flame away if you must.
I can understand how frustrating it can be not finding the information you require. I have been spinning wrenches on my own cars for over 20 years now and had paper service manuals for most of my cars. I have the luxury now of being able to access service manuals from my desktop at work and home.

Everyone may be sick of hearing "buy a service manual" but before the internet came along thats how we did it. One DIY repair with the aid of a service manual is still cheaper than paying a dealer for one hours worth of labour.

I am going out to do some yard work. When i get time i will send the OP a pdf from the manual on replacing the regulator.
That's actually what I did with my '95 Civic after I bought it new and started working on it on my own. Walked into my work back then and plunked down the $130 and change it was for a paper manual from Honda back then. It was the single most invaluable resource I owned for my Civix and I still have it to this day, greasy fingerprint pages and all =).

If they are still available for public purchase in either paper or PDF format, that would be anyone's best bet becuase the info is always there whenever you need it. No waiting online for replies or needing a computer with Internet access.

I would have done the same for my Element but I also have access to the Honda database from my workbench =)
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