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2003 EX AWD auto
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This sounds cool and all but I'm really confused as to what's going on. Pics are not the greatest and all I see is a nest of wires...?

It sounds like you've taken two intake manifolds and grafted them together? Why? Needed more volume? Longer runner length? Why do you need a 2" TB spacer? Any pics of the new manifold?

You also grafted two exhaust manifolds together? Why?

How are you getting fuel to the new injectors (I assume you're using injectors) and how are you timing/driving them?

How are you measuring success/output? Just seat of the pants feel at the moment?

Lastly, how did you even come to the conclusion that this would be a "good" mod? From my VERY limited understanding, multiple fuel injection points (port and throttle body) used to be employed because of poor flow dynamics and fuel/air mixing. These days Toyota is the only one I can think of that uses multi-injection points (direct and port) and that's more for valve cleaning and not necessarily power...? Honda's K-series has some of the best flowing heads with the low cam lobe designed and staggered to create swirling to promote air/fuel mixture.

Sorry about all the questions. It's a very interesting approach.
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