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Dumbfounded on these brakes. 03 Element EX

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Okay so my sister's element had completely trashed rear rotors, pads, and calipers. The driver side caliper was so bad half of the piston had been ground off from touching the rotor.

So new loaded calipers and rotors and life is good, for a few weeks.

Now the driver side rear caliper I would say is locking up? I don't know. It's making a lot more heat than the passanger side rears. I tried bleeding them again and double checked to make sure none of the bolts are siezing up. I can put the car in neutral and still cannot spin the rotor so something is wrong but I don't know what I am missing.... I don't know what the deal is.

Anyone have any ideas? :confused::confused::confused:

P.S. It's not the wheel bearing either.
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Did you replaced the brake fluid in the entire system? Did you replace the inner brake pad liners, those used for the parking brake... did you check or have the parking brake cable checked?

It sounds like those rear brakes underwent quite an ordeal and the heat could have damaged even the wheel bearings.

Who did the repair work? Did they pull the hubs off and check the bearings?

Yes, be sure to bleed the entire system. Also remove the caliper, check that there are no obstructions (piston should move/retract by hand, not just with a clamp/tool) disassemble and then re-assemble being certain the pads can more freely.

Did you lubricate the caliper slides and pad movement points with brake lube?

Good luck, keep us updated.
lubricate the caliper slides and pad movement points with brake lube

Also check that the parking brake isn't engaged (just to be sure)
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