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duplicolor high heat engine paint or....

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So I traded some old 17's off my miata for 4 decent shape ADR 19's, not sure what they are. The problem is they are silver and I want to paint them black. So which paint should I use? Ive seen a couple ,and ive used the duplicolor wheel paint on my old wheels but I'm looking for something with a little more gloss. Any ideas?
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skip the hi-heat won't need it. Just get a good qualty product in a color & gloss level that you like. I like the stuff from Krylon and Seymore.

good pics.
Look for appliance paint or tractor paint.

Know that Ive painted the wheels with I think was VHC wheel paint or some name like that, they look great. My new question is my tires came in and Holy**** 245 45 19 series tires are wide. There is certainly not enough room inside the wheel will. It's a tight fit with the stocks.....will these actually fit.
Depends on the offset of your wheels. Did you do any research before hand, or did you just buy the first set of "cool" wheels you saw?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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