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Hey guys. I actually WORK at a Honda dealership on the central coast in CA, so I thought i'd try and clear up a few things and see if i can't help out at all. First off, there is no such thing as an AWD Element. No Honda has ever been AWD for that matter. Technically it's Real-Time 4wd, which is a true 4wd system, but requires no switching knobs or pressing buttons. If you're not using 4wd (ie on dry pavement) then you'll be driving using your 2 front wheels, which is cool since you still get semi-good gas mileage.

Secondly, I forgot who said it but the back seats in a DX are NOT water resistant, unless they were switched from an EX, so whoever told you this was severely pulling your leg and i apologize for their lack of caring. If you would like proof, I would be more than glad to fax you a copy of our Facts Book that details everything you'd want to know, and wouldn't, about the Element.

Last but not least, I'll give you an estimate of what it costs at OUR dealership to put things such as a stereo, A/C etc into the Element, and the prices of the different trim lines.

DX 2WD MSRP+ Destination & Handling: 17,360
DX 4WD " " : ....................................18,760 (1400)
EX 2WD " " : .....................................19,910 (1150)
EX 4WD " " : .....................................21,309 (1400)

that's MSRP for all of them. Some dealers that are selling a whole bunch, have been known to put bumps on these for $5,000 or so up in the bay area in CA. pretty crazy, but you have to remember: dealerships are here to make money. As sad as it seems, they sell them for that price all day long. We usually sell them for MSRP, maybe 1-300 off, but every day is a new day. Anyways, on to after-market stuffs.

Installed Prices

- Air Conditioning: 1513
- AM/FM/CD tuner, 4 speakers: 511 (that's w/ no tweeters and no subwoofer like the EX)
- Driver side armrest: 149
For those 2 major things that's about 2G's, which is pretty substantial. That's only about $500 away from an EX, even w/ out the CD player it's still only 1k away. A thousand bucks can be a pretty big deal if you're paying cash, but when it gets down to payment, that's only 20-25 bucks a month. That's like a pizza and beer. For those 1000 Washingtons, you get the following:

-The ability to get green, orange, or tan paint.
-EBD (electronic brake distribution)
-16" alloys (looks totally killer w/ some 18's and low profiles i must say)
-an MP3/digital audio jack
-cruise control (which if you like driving i can't see living without)
-driver side armrest
-waterproof seats on ALL seats
-and the ability to get side air bags (only $250 more yet extremely rare and hard to get, thus making them more stingy on the pricing)
-plus other junk like map lights, storage, loops for bungee thingies etc.

Whether or not this stuff matters to you is obviously up to you, but at least now you've got the FACTS, from someone that does this stuff every day, whether i like it or not :lol: Actually, i enjoy my job quite a bit considering i feel that i'm selling one of the best automobile lines out there. I get crap for being a "car salesman" all the time, but all in all it's fun, and pays the bills.

If you guys have any more questions, or are in my area, email me or give me a call 805-544-9500 ext 622. Really hope this helps man, ciao.

Sean May
Sunset Honda
San Luis Obispo, CA

okay... my fingers are tired =/
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