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I downloaded DynoStorm (similar to Dynolicious for the iPhone) for my BB Storm. I took my car to a vacant back road and did a 0-70mph run to see what it estimates my car at. People have said the iPod's Dynolicious was fairly accurate within a couple tenths of a second on virtual 1/4 times compared to real ones. Who knows? Anyway, my car is setup as follows:

- Injen CAI
- Injen Catback
- RAAMat and Ensolite foam on the floor, doors, tailgate, roof, rear quarter panels
- SCC deluxe carpet and OEM all-weather mats on top of that.
- 18" SC Wheels

I estimated a total car weight of 4000 lbs with me and all the added stuff, and I got the following results.

0-60 in 9.02 seconds (MotorWeek got a stock AWD Element in 9.3)
151 Wheel HP (so estimating 20% loss = 181 crank HP?)

I doubt this is accurate, because I don't think those two mods could realistically add 12 HP. What do you guys think?

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I think you are over estimating the weight of you Element. I have weighed my Kicker E on a truck scale and with me in it. (300lbs for me) And mine was just over 4k.

I believe mine has a tad more weight in the back then yours.

I have full dynomat floor and ceiling, double on the doors. Full wood box with fiberglass overlay. Two 15inch L7s, 8 amps, 4 monitors.

I am not sure what you have in your E though.

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