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Hello All:

I just returned from a camping trip to Vermont (my first camping experience in the E), and I wanted to share some thoughts:

1. Sleeping on the folded-down seats was surprisingly comfortable. I didn't use a mattress pad or a sleeping bag; only a sheet and a thin blanket. It was pretty chilly at night, but warm inside the E. Another interesting note: The fact that you can adjust the seatbacks make it a lot easier when camping in an area that is not level. I was parked on a small hill, and by moving the seatback up, I didn't feel it at all. And then I was still able to lounge out while looking out the sunroof (the stars were amazing; it was like the glass wasn't even there.)

2. I need to bring in some kind of sunshade to use when I am done star gazing. Once the sun hit in the morning, it was pretty bright. My solution at the time was to roll over onto my side, but I need to come up with something more permanent. Someone once posted about those rolling screens that people use for kids in the back seat, but then I heard they fell off. Has this worked for anyone?

3. I have the Honda tailgate cabana, and it proved to be quite useful (even though it is expensive). For one, it feels like it opens things up inside, and you are not so cramped. Secondly, the screen "window" was a nice feature to use. Since it was cold in the evening, I left it closed, and then when things got warmer in the morning, I opened it up to get some additional ventilation. I left the side windows and sunroof completely closed, and no bugs got in through the cabana side either (and it was REALLY buggy in Vermont). The weather was dry, so I can't say how it would perform in the rain, but I have a waterproofing product that I plan to treat the fabric with anyhow.

So there you have it. A fine weekend of camping E-style.
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What is the weatherproofing product that you are going to use? I just got my cabana too and I was hoping to do the same thing.
3M is bringing back the Scotchgard brand of water repellent. If you are not familiar with Scotchgard, is was commonly regarded as the best consumer waterproofing spray. They had to take it off the market a few years ago because it was not environmentally friendly. They have reformulated it and it is now "better and safer then ever" according to them. I just read an interesting article about it this weekend in the paper. Here is a link to it:

I used this stuff back in the day ALL THE TIME. For ski jackets, snow pants, gloves, etc. It really worked well for me.

Good luck to you, and wish me luck.... Honda Marketing has inspired me, I am going on my first camping trip in my E and ever in my life (just a city boy, ya know?) this weekend.

Enjoy the holiday everyone.
[quote:eea25ed414="healthking"]What is the weatherproofing product that you are going to use? I just got my cabana too and I was hoping to do the same thing.[/quote:eea25ed414]

I was planning to use something called "Tentsure Fabric Recoat," which is intended for tent floors. I got it at Campmor in NJ for $5.99. Here is a link to the product.

But Canyonero's product sounds very intriguing, especially considering the amount of area that needs to be treated. It might be a lot easier and more efficient to have a spray-on product rather than deal with trying to spread it evenly over all the fabric.
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