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How where what -----? info please on the mileage counter!

Teardrop is holding up most awesomely, the only problem we had was on the way home we were on a 60mph highway and there was a very rough railroad track ahead with no warning sign--we were only able to hit the brakes slighty before hitting it and the teardrop did quite a bounce! One of the latches that holds the tongue box on the camper broke.

AND we haven't had it out in a good rainstorm yet to check for leaks, the weather was so good on all our trips:)
how do you manage no rain? we have never been camping with out rain.what's it like?we have learned how to put away&down our pop up pretty quick,check out 1pm,sleep till11:30 (on last day always)cook, eat, shower,rain at12:15-12:45,dry like hell,push,pull, slide,cuss, drop top hook up-go before next gully washer at 12:58.and hope we got the time zone right!!! we had a candadeian chewing on our but one time we were just acrost the time zone!!!oopps.sorry. he wanted our spot.(park was empty) I should of stayed another day. I guess some people arnt happy with out the taste of my a$$ in there mouth. I must have a sweet spot there .
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