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E Height - 70.4" or 74"?

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I am considering buying an E, but have a height restriction for my garage (of about 73"). The Honda of America web site lists the E with a height of 70.4", but the printed literature lists it as 74".

Which one is correct? If it is 74", I would have do a bit of rework on an oddball garage door opener. (The "good" stall in our garage is occupied by our minivan).


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I believe I read somewhere that the height to the top of the roof rack is 72", so without the roof rack it would be lower, but the antenna may be higher than 73". You're cutting it close :shock:

Just went out and measured mine (EX AWD) and it is 72" WITH the roof rack. The height of the vehicle w/ the antenna is close to the ~70.4" figure you quoted.

With or without the roofrack you should be ok IF you take it slow. I would go out and look for the low spots and see if the management of your garage has already padded their height restriction to ensure no one gets scraped or stuck. It would still make me a little nervous being that close... :shock:

Good luck,

the Canadian manual says 68.5 " but I'd believe the 70.2" Our parking garage says 6ft and I believe cuz the antenna is right there! Mine's a no go with the roof rack.
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