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E owners/buyers...please note

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I just took a Silver EX auto that I am delivering this afternoon to the building where they clean and prep the cars for delivery. As I was walking back I noticed a guy that we use to do minor dent removal working on a E. He was working on the back door panel. I asked him whether someone backed into the car and he told me that the middle of the rear upper panel is really weak. This is where the "H" is. Evidently (no pun intended) if you push on this area when closing the rear window, you will dent it.

Use the left or right "corner" of the window when closing. This is the strongest place to use.

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Thanks for the tip. Any others you can come up with, I am sure will help everyone.

Thanks for the info. I use the handhold provided on the bottom to close mine and it works great.

jdef i do too, use the handle to close, and that works great.

But good info for those who like to push anywhere.. thank you!
This was a funny post for me...

Before I read the post, I was in the back of my E cleaning it, then when i closed it, i didn't close it well, so i did what i always did on other cars-nudge it with my shoulder to close it well. It worked, but i didn't realize that the panel isn't too strong, so i guess i won't be doing that anymore.

Maybe because i have a bigger shoulder/tricep area, the pressure was displaced greater than that of a hand that pushes on it? Im darn glad that it did though...
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