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Hi Everybody! My name is Diana! :roll:

I am here because I can't get enough of my Element!!! :lol:

It all started on a day in March when I was getting my 2001 Accord Coupe serviced. It was a beautiful early spring day. The service appointment was scheduled for about 1 1/2 hours, so I decided to look around the "lot" to see what was new out there. There, before my eyes, was the most beautiful site I have ever seen....a SMM 4WD EX Element. As would happen in practically any dealership, a nice salesman came out and asked if I wanted to go for a ride. Of course, I agreed since I had time to spare. As soon as I sat in the car, I knew this was the car for me! I WAS POSSESSED! (Does Honda put some kind of mind-altering drug in the assembly of this car???) To make a long story, short....I ended up trading in the Accord for the Element, and I couldn't be happier! I mean like head-over-heels crazy for this car! :D

I find myself going to the garage for now good reason but to admire the cute boxy shape of my Element.

I go for joy rides at lunch...just to watch people stare as we go by...and searching, yes searching, for another Element on the road. (As of this date only three other sightings... 2 SOP's and 1 silver).

I wash and vacuum it every weekend to keep it in showroom shape...
(NEVER have I done this before with any other car I have owned.)

Please help me get rid of this wild (maybe irrational) fixation. :wink:

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Why get rid of the fixation, Diana? I'm having a blast, and I've only had mine 10 days.

Pulled into a parking lot today and the woman getting out of the car next to me said, "Oh, it's so cute! What is it?" My sister-in-law, who's been driving with me a lot the last couple of days, started pointing out the neat things about the E. So, not only do I drive a tourist point-of-interest, I've got my own tour guide! :D

By the way, I was the same way the first time I saw and drove the E- Gotta have it!!



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Diana and Kristi....

I think the E infatuation is contagious.....I loved the E back when I first saw pictures and commercials (December of 2002), but I couldn't even think about buying a new wedding was weeks away and hubby and I paid for the entire $16,000 I had to wait. In January we started looking for a new husband was thinking used....I started thinking new with all the low interest rates....the E was out of the question though, because my husband thought it was too expensive, but when we priced a fully loaded Civic EX....the price was so close to the EX Element.....then we drove it.....mostly my husband agreed to a test drive to "get it out of my system".....but low and behold he fell in love with it too!

His turn to buy a new car next year and now he is thinking E!!!! I think it would be cute to be a two E family! Mine is EBP and he is thinking GG if a true red isn't on the market by then.

Then while home for older brother (a legal consultant for fortune 100 companies and a Chicago North Suburb dweller) now is obsessed with the E....he wants to trade in his fully loaded 2002 Volvo sedan.....go figue! As he was checking out the E it was as if he was opening presents...."Ooooooooo.....look at how big the door pockets are!"....."Ooooothe shifter is up there"....."Oooooo look at the cargo space"....and on and on.

Even my mom, who is a Acura driver is gaagaa for the E...she squealed "Your car is so cute! It suits you to a T" (I corrected her and told her it suits me to an "E") She said if it wasn't for the arthritis in both of her knees she would consider getting one!

So I think once people get a small taste of the E they just gotta have more.....god just imagine how bad withdraw would be....Oh my gosh...imagine if your E has to go into the shop overnight! I think I would be lost!

And finally I will just have to say that the E has brought fun back to matter where and why I am driving I just love it....need some milk....I'll run to the store...low on potting soil....I'm off to the garden center....I'll use any excuse to get behind the wheel!

Happy Motoring to all :lol: 8) :lol: 8)
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