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Eeew, nasty! Green, rusty rotors only 4 months old...

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I have an issue. Had my brakes and rotors replaced with OEM Factory Parts 4 months ago. They are already heavily rusted and the rotors surface is green and rusty already.

Please tell me this is not normal. My original rotors looked much better then these do when I took them off and they were the originals from 2004.

Check out the pictures and let me know your thoughts!



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On the other hand, if they STILL look rusty after you use the brakes, maybe you need to check those brakes.
Especially if they're the rear brakes. There have been a number of members, including me, who have had to do rear brake work earlier than we should have because the calipers seized and everything corroded. My factory rotors were rusted to the point where they were literally crumbling at 47,000 miles.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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