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Einstein's Tire Rack Upgrade

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Posted on behalf of Einstein:

Thanks to Tire Rack, I am extremely well prepared for winter.

Here are pictures of my tire/wheel set. See my signature for details. I will ellaborate and say that the country of origin of the wheels are Italy, the tires Japan. Each wheel, and each tire, costs $99.

Tire Rack mounts and balances for free.

Do not be surprised if Tire Rack recommends not using this size tire, because it does not have the same overall diameter as the original equipment tire. You will have to agree to take responsibility for the tire's fitment (and pay a removal/restocking fee if you send them back).

I have not yet tried out this tire on the car. But from what I've read on these forums, ppl are putting on much bigger tires without any trouble. I will post an update later after I mount them and check for clearances.

Einstein has attached this image:

You'll notice from the pictures that the wheel weights are placed inside the rim, making for a nicer apperance.

Also, notice these tires have an extra wide bead near the wheel that serves as a "rim protector".

Einstein has attached this image:

These tires are directional. Two are mounted one direction on the wheels, two are mounted the other way (Tire Rack always gets this right ) This means you have to be careful which side to mount them. Also, you must be sure to keep the tires on the same side of the car at rotation time.

Since I'm alread swapping tires twice a year, my habit is I mark them when I take them off, and then when I remount them they are placed back on the car in the proper rotation pattern, both summer and winter tires.

Einstein has attached this image:

Tire Rack offers winter tire/wheel packages where you get steel wheels and covers (the cheaper option).

But when they have nice alloy wheels for only $99, I couldn't pass it up! They also have these wheels in a darker color that you might like.

I've tried steel wheels with covers; I found they are too dirty for me and begin rusting right away. Alloys are better if you don't mind spending a few extra bucks.

Also, check out the shipping charges. It cost me less to get the alloy package shipped than the steel wheels (by over $20!)
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Gotta love tire rack - I got my BFG Gforces there!

As McDonalds would say - I'm loving it.
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