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I was going to post on the thread "What Have You Named Your E" but I really haven't named our E individually but rather think of her instead as a "Kamakiri" (and why I therefore post under that name.)

In context, instead of saying "Let's take the Element out for a spin", its "Let's take the Kamakiri out for a spin."

Unless you're a Steely Dan fan you may have missed Donald Fagen's 1993 release "Kamakiriad" (Donald Fagen did all the vocals for Steely Dan as well as wrote most of the songs.) "Kamakiriad" is a collection of 8 songs related to the narrator's new car experience "a few years in the future."

When I started getting really pumped about the Element I immediately thought "It's a Kamakiri!" Check out the lyrics from "Trans-Island Skyway"

I was born yesterday
When they brought my Kamakiri
When they handed me the keys
It's steam-power 10
The frame is out of Glasgow
The tech is Balinese
It's not a freeway bullet
Or a truck with monster wheels
It's a total biosphere
The farm in the back
Is hydroponic
Good, fresh things every day of the year
With all screens and functions
In sync lock with Tripstar
This cool rolling bubble
Is all set to samba

That's the first verse - there's more. Worth a listen if you get the chance.

I was going to get a vanity plate KAMAKIRI but my state limits you to 7 characters :(

So, I may not have a name but I do have a "metaphysical concept" of my E and a theme song to go with it! 8)

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