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I am 6' 5" and about 245 so I also agree with you that the E is great for people our size. I have never owned a car I felt so small in. This seems to be one of the many gifts of the Honda engineers. Even in my little 93 Civic I was always amazed how small it was outside and roomy inside.

My wife has a 2002 Accord that is great but is just not as fun to drive as the E. The only thing I don't like on my E is the gas mileage. So far I have been stuck at about 21 MPG which is way to low to me but so much better then many comparable vehicles. I also think the Accord is very vanilla looking (the 2003 is a nice improvement) but again my wife likes it so to each their own. Keep in mind the whole drive train of the E is from the CRV so there is no new engineering that might mess up. Also the new Accord is just that new. The drive train is not new but like the E the body is new.

Either way you go having a Honda is a win/win situation. Between my past 3 Honda cars, motorcycle and lawnmower I am always pleased my the reliable and simplistic design of Honda.

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