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continuing therapeutic rant....

I am in the same situation....and I have always liked the looks & promise of the E.
Test drove Accord EX V6 and EX i4 in Nov....nice, powerful, luxurious
Test drove the E (AWD Auto EX) in Jan...harsh gutless I thought.
Test drove a 5spd DX in!, same vehicle ?! Sporty dynamo..what's with the unintentional first gear burnouts ?
Test drove AWD Auto E & Accord EX V6 back to back in mid-March...came away with your exact impression....better value in the Accord. Definitely a step up in quiet, luxury....but put a deposit down on a 5spd E...!?

Early April spent an hour in an AWD Auto E while waiting for wife's Pilot to be serviced. Loved it ! Had enough power especially once under way. Had better acceleration than the 99 Ody I drive and much more fun to drive than either Pilot or Ody.

I cannot stop thinking about the utility of the E inspite of the less than Accord like accomodations. I don't think I can go back to sedan cargo capacity having owned vans and now an SUV for 10 years.

I find it's more about what we, me and the kids, can do with the E than just the vehicle itself. The E encourages me to pursue the fun things we're planning like kayaking, biking, camping like no other vehicle......while promising to be a fun, economical daily driver.....:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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