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I'm so glad that you posted this. I've been busy with school so I haven't posted on this site yet but will soon put up pics of my element. When I was searching for a car in January, my choice was basically between the accord and the element. I couldn't even decide whether I wanted the 2 or 4 door accord. All I knew was that it was one sweet car, excellent build quality, and so many little touches that screamed "high end" to me. The electroluminescent dials and controls made me feel like I was in a Lexus and the handling, power and control of the car, not to mention the lack of noise really impressed me and I was sure that was going to be the vehicle for me. However, I decided to fully check out the element before I made a hasty decision and I was so surprised by the outcome. I thought that the element was not very attractive when I first saw the press photos and couldn't understand why Honda would take its first extreme styling risk and have it come out like this. But after seeing it in the showroom, it just sort of grew on me. The utility and functionality of it are unsurpassed by anything else. I must have gone to the dealers like 12 times and I just couldn't help smiling at it every time I saw it. Ultimately, I chose it because it was available in 4wd (useful in Ontario's show storms) and it was a perfect camping vehicle (my favourite pastime). I've had it since Feb 21/03 and done about 5000 km on it. I find it well put together and not loud at all. It may not be a Lexus, but that really isn't the purpose of it. I'll just say that whatever you choose, you can't be disappointed. I know I'm not. People give me weird looks and tell me the thing is ugly, but anyone who has seen what the interior does or taken a ride with me has changed their minds. But beyond all else, it'll make you smile every time you see it. Well I'm off to my last exam - wish me luck.
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