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Dear JP,

I can relate to what you are going through. I have been driving an S10 Blazer for about 8 years now. About a month ago I started to look around for a new car and decided to concentrate on Honda because of their excellent reputation, reliability, etc.

I started out with the CR-V, but just was not impressed. I know it is a great SUV, but it just did nothing for me. Then I shifted my attention to the Element. At first glance, I had no interest; thought it was ugly! But when I took a closer look I was quite impressed by its functionality/layout and over time it's (looks) began to grow on me. As a result, I began to research it on the Internet and came across this site. For the most part, Element reviews and test drives have been favorable. However, there (appears) to be several issues/problems with the Element:

Leaky Windows
Cracked Windshields
Flimsy Spare Tire Cover
Low Load Capacity (only 675 pounds)
Dash Rattle

I kept on trying to find excuses to purchase an Element (even put down a deposit on one) but just the other day decided to go with an Accord (for now anyway).

My feeling is that I would give the Element a couple of years to get all the kinks out and then reevaluate my situation. I really love the Element but am not comfortable going with a first year new model. I guess it was that "not knowing what I am getting" feeling that turned me off in the end. And (in my case anyway) the price of an Accord V6 with Leather was only about $1500 more than an Element EX 4WD with all the accessories. I realize it is like comparing apples and oranges, but for $1500 more, I was getting:

Much more power (a V6 240 HP Engine)
Security System
6-Disc in-dash CD Changer
Power/Leather/Heated Seats
Front and (Side) Airbags
Power (front) Moonroof
More Seating Capacity and Load Capacity (about 1000 pounds)
Better Gas Mileage, etc.

But as for (looks), the Element wins hands down!

Again, I love the Element and will probably end-up with one at some point down the road. I just figured for now I would go with the Accord and it's proven track record and give the Element some time to mature.

Goof luck!
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