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I just traded my 99 Accord EX V-6 on a Element. The Accord was a wonderful road car with good pick up. The leather appointed cabin felt luxurious. I enjoyed this car more than any that I have had.

But, I wouldn't take my Lab for rides because he might scratch the leather. I didn't want to load flats of flowers in the trunk for fear of dirt. And I certainly wouldn't think of loading up the Accord and heading to a campsite.

If you want a very good road car, the Accord is it. If you need more versatility in a vehicle...the E may be it.

I actually enjoy driving the E. It handles better than the front heavy V-6, having more of the quickness of the Civic. The E doesn't accelerate like the V-6, however. The E is almost as quiet (my Accord had road hum from the tires).

You can't miss with an Accord, they are very good cars and bulletproof. I am hoping my E will be the same.
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