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Element vs. Pickup?

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I already have an Element and I do love it. I use it the following way.....ALWAYS with the rear seats removed (single, no kids, have a g/f) and have my mtn bike in the back since I drive part of the way to work and then bike a few miles from there. Also a keep a rubbermaid bin with helmets, gear...etc.

My question is.....could I do the same thing with a pickup truck with a thick rubber mat and a hard fiberglass cover with a lock? Meaning keep all my stuff stored there all/most of the time like now? Was wondering if anybody else has managed this way with a pick-up.

Reason I'm asking is I test drove for fun a black RAM hemi pickup the other night and was tickled silly. What a beast! I'd almost consider getting one if I could haul my stuff almost as easily without it flying all over the place in the bed. I'm a weak sucker for testosterone vehicles....especially ones that can carry stuff!

Thanks for any input!

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Yes, you definitely can do that if you don't want to haul anything "live" in the bed. I drove a Toyota T100 for eight years without any problem. I would recommend getting an extended cab though. I was a travel nurse for about 2 years and hauled all of my stuff. Make sure to get a reliable top for the bed. And if you get a 4x4 you will have a little more versatility that the E can give you. I love my E, but still miss my truck.
I just thought of almost the same thing today. I have never liked pickups since they dont really suit the type of things I carry around, but was thinking about how to close up the back in a way that is more like the back of an SUV... but bigger. My biggest problem with this is that I want to be able to reach back and access things from the front seat, and also I need the cargo to be heated. ...Something to think about though.
As far as the top for the bed, Dodge sells a real good foldable hard tonneau cover that supposed to be outstanding. I just know how smooth E is on the hwy....I hope the pickup is OK on long drives.
The element is my first non pick up in 20 years. I might get a beater truck for the cabin but I will never go back to it for a daily driver. The dog and bike can live in the E (Dog prefers the house) and it is just better environmentally.
I drove an F150XLT before I got an E. Great truck, could just throw the stuff in and go. But it was a rough ride for daily commuting and only got 14 MPG. Was a bit much in parking lots too. You can certainly get a bike rack that'll fit great but I'd get a locking cap if you're gonna leave anything in the back unattended.

Good point, but have you considered the cool factor? Will people smile, point & wave at you while you're driving the truck? You might miss your E if you trade her in.
Although I just started shopping for an E, I presently drive a GMC extended cab pickup with a fiberglass bed cover that I have had for nine years. I have used it extensively with my job, and carry my laptop, printer, manuals, forms, luggage, etc. all in Rubbermaid tubs locked in the back (out of prying eyes), with never a problem. However, I could not carry my TREK and still lock the bed cover without removing the front wheel and laying the bike down. The distance from the bed to the bottom of the bed cover was too short for a bike rack. Not an insurmountable problem, but a pain.

I think I will be able to do everything with the E (short of the volume of tonage) that I can do with my GMC, and at least get a little better mileage.
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